Overcoming Writer’s Block

Write When Inspired!

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Overcoming writer’s block is easy, once you know the tricks! There are many sources of inspiration for writing! 

You can be inspired by music, nature, art, conversations, commercials, billboards, or even what others are writing about! 

Even conversations you have with friends can spark an idea. Finding what inspires you personally is the key to unlocking your creativity!

Knowing What to Write

Coming up with blog posts can be a challenge, but there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. First, brainstorm topics that are relevant to your audience. Research popular trends and topics in your industry, and think of ways you can provide your unique perspective. Once you have some ideas, it’s time to get creative! 

Take those ideas and fill in your content calendar! Now is a great time of year to plan what you’re going to share with your audience.

Brainstorm headlines, titles, and visuals that will make your post stand out. Finally, take the time to craft a well-written, engaging post that will captivate your readers. If you need help getting started, try using templates or other examples to guide your ideas and structure. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can come up with great blog posts that your readers will love!

Techie Answer: Monitor your analytics to determine what types of posts your audience is most attracted to.

Non-Techie Answer: Write about what inspires you within the guidelines of your niche (topic/area/interest)

Knowing When and Where to Write

Where do you work the best? Do you like it quiet, maybe you’d prefer going to the library. 

Do you like it busy? Perhaps a coffee shop or the mall is a better place for you? 

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

No matter what your best place and time is, don’t fight it! Embrace it instead. Know what’s best for you and act on it. 

Set a time and place, grab your writing utensil and content calendar and get to work. If you PLAN AHEAD you can scour your content calendar for what you feel inspired to write about and get to writing. 

It’s ok if what you end up writing about isn’t due until later, just schedule it out. 

Did you have something schedule that doesn’t feel right now? That’s ok, what does? The calendar is meant to give direction and focus but it’s not set in stone. If you write something different just change it in your calendar. 

If you have the perfect place and the right time, but nothing is coming try free writing (write whatever comes to mind) or write about the topic as if you were describing it to a specific person. Sometimes that will spark an idea and you’ll be inspired to create your content!


Overcoming Writers Block

Some excel under pressure while others don’t. Either way, knowing what you’re going to write about is very helpful and half the battle! 

A Content Calendar is a great way to keep organized, know what’s coming, and find inspiration! Once you have all of your important dates in you can fill in the other dates with ideas to make it easy when it comes time to write! 

Even with all of this great planning, sometimes you may not feel inspired to write. Stress, overly tired, hungry, or overwhelm may get in the way. There are a few tricks I’ve learned to help get over the block.

5 Tricks to Inspire

1) Brainstorming with others is an amazing way to develop ideas easily and creatively! 

Even gathering with others in the same field as you will help inspire new ideas as each of you will add your own flair to the topic!

Networking events and UFFDA Workshops are another great way to connect and be inspired! 

2) Take a break from writing and do something else creative or fun. This can help spark your creativity and motivation. 

3) Voice recorder or notebook is a great way to capture those thoughts/ideas and inspirations while on the go! You can also talk to text in Google Docs and other programs.

4) What have you written before? Read through the material you’ve already written. You may find that you’ve written something that you can use or that can lead you to a new idea. 

5) Change your environment.  Take a walk outside, go swimming, dance wildly, sing loudly, call a friend, vacuum, or do that task you’ve been putting off. Fresh air can help you clear your head and refocus your energy and stepping away may give you the break you needed to feel refreshedr

Still Need Help?

Have you heard of Canva? It’s more than just a graphic/image powerhouse. There is a tool called Canva Magic Write and it can really help to inspire you! 

Canva has this to say about it, “Business owners and teams of every kind will be able to supercharge their content. Magic Write excels at brainstorming initial ideas, or drafts for social media posts, press releases, business plans, customer support responses, product descriptions, and proposals which can all be generated at the touch of a button, ready to be proofed and edited. You can even include tone of voice in your Magic Write “brief.” From playful to formal tones – all you have to do is ask.”

Look Through What You Wrote

Keeping a list of content is a great way to easily recall what you’ve written about and also makes it easy to link back to that information from other sources.

Scan through what you’ve written before to get new ideas using the who, what, when, where and why trick. If you wrote about HOW to do something could you write about WHY?


Quick Recap

PLAN – know where the best place for you to create content is and use it. 

TIME – Set aside time to allow you to create your content. 

WRITE – If you feel like writing about something, do! 

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