Sue here, I just learned it's Tammey's (Co-Founder of Uffda) birthday next week! To celebrate this we are giving YOU the GIFT and lowered our ticket prices!

Uffda Academy -WHEN Sept 8, 8am-12pm

Uffda Academy - WHERE 3357 39th St S Ste 4, Fargo, ND

We GUIDE you through (step-by-step) how to create a custom template using the brand kit in Canva.  You’ll leave this summit with

  • A Personalized BRAND KIT – no more guessing which color, font or logo for your project!
  • A Completed Project with a photo and message that is ALL ABOUT YOUR COMPANY, because we understand how important it is to create something practical that you can use today while creating for tomorrow!
  • Networking with others, Collaborating AND Connecting!
  • LIMITED Seats Available so we can focus on YOU! Join Today!

Who Should Come? Anyone who creates content.

You may not have time to learn all of Adobe on the job. Or, you may already have a great marketing team.

BUT IF you want to learn how to create branded content, templates, and projects FASTER, BETTER, & SMARTER – that’s what we’re here for.

  • Small Business Employees
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Established Business with your own Marketing Team
  • Non-Profits
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Who Should Come? Anyone who creates content.

This is for YOU!

Our Canva For Business Summit is a hands-on four-hour experience that will teach you and your team the BEST practices for using Canva Pro.
This is not a “5 steps to Market in an Ever Changing World” or “The Art of The Pivot.” This is HANDS ON, Step-by-Step, Get it Done interaction.
A step-by-step, let’s-do-it-together approach, leveraging the Canva brand with your logo, colors, and look. So you can create with confidence!

What Makes Our Summit Different?

Uffda Academy - The BEST way to learn something is to SEE it and then DO it. 

We’ll teach you how to create a BRAND KIT with your brand colors and fonts and your vector logo – no more guessing!

Then, we’ll go step-by-step alongside you, as you set your company up to create amazing and ON-BRAND sales and marketing pieces.

We’ll teach you how to create a custom template and use your brand kit to make it your own. Then, we’ll go step-by-step alongside you, and you’ll create a template with your brand, colors, & fonts. You’ll choose a photo and message that is ALL ABOUT YOUR COMPANY, because we’re all about making something practical and usable for you today.

Finally, we’ll show you how to take that template and Reduce, ReUse, Recyle your content to a T-Shirt, a Poster, or a Flyer.

We know you’ll have questions after seeing ALL THE POSSIBILITIES. So, we’ll wrap our session up with a Q&A.

Summit Pre-Requisites

Now, you WILL have to have a few things to participate in our summit. In order for us to deliver the BEST experience for all participants in the Canva for Business Summit, you’ll need 3 things:

Must Haves:

Optional (OPTIMAL)

  • Brand Standards PDF (lists colors, fonts, logo guidelines)
  • Jump Drive
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1 Business/Ticket = $475

1 Business

$475 / Business
  • Small Business Employees, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Marketing Teams, Non-Profits
  • September 8th @8am for ONE attendee
  • Up to Three Attendees


You’ll leave our session with a bit of swagger and swag. With a firm foundation of a professional set-up Canva Brand Kit.

You’ll have a branded template, and the knowledge of THE POSSIBILITIES to reduce, reuse, and recycle – so you can turn one single message into anything from a digital post to an eye-catching poster AND how to stay ON-BRAND so your message and brand stay in-sync.

Here’s the shortlist (We love bullets too)

  • Swagger & Swag
  • Professionally set-up Canva Brand Kit
  • Branded Template Ready-to-Use
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Mindset
  • Ready to Create Future On-Brand Projects

About Us

Hi! We’re Sue + Tammey from the newly formed

We’re committed to growing an in-person and online community of collaboration, show & tell, and practice so you can learn the skills to create content that is ON-BRAND, ON-MESSAGE, and ON-TARGET.

And we’re here to show you practical ways to use Tech, Design, & Growth Strategies to create new business for your business.

We are so excited to share our experience, expertise, love of branding and making things EASIER with you!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at 

Sue Skavlem (Burke)

Mission: To create designs that aren’t just pretty, but designs that do. That amplify your message, empower your growth, and generate opportunities.

Designer Since: 1999

Loves: Books

Brakes for: Mountain Scenic Views

Specializes in: Branding, Writing, & Design

I find joy in co-creating.

Tammey Brown (Evans)

Mission: To leverage my experience and love of technology to empower you to create!

Designer Since: 1992

Loves: Writing, Photography, and Fishtanks

Brakes for: Waterfalls

Specializes in: Content Creation, Websites, Workbooks and Course Creation

I find joy in co-creating.


Ticket Pricing for our in-person session to set your business up for success using Canva’s Brand Kit and templates you’ll love!

1 Person/Ticket = $

1 Person

$275 $127 / Person
  • Solopreneur, (Salon, Bakery, Grooming, Dog Walking, Home Schooler Providers, Virtual Assistants, Life Coach, etc), Anyone wanting to up their game with creating marketing products, fliers, brochures, printables and the like.
  • September 8th @8am for ONE attendee
1 Business/Ticket = $475

Level UP – Learn how to create a brand kit in Canva that allows you to always use the right logo, fonts and colors for every project!

Ticket is for ONE Business to attend the Canva for Business Summit September 8th, 2022. One ticket at the original rate will be added to your cart.

You may request a full refund up to 30 days prior to the event. 30 days before the event and on, no refunds will be given, however, you can transfer your ticket to another person per your own arrangements, and we will admit them in your place. Please notify us of any transfer of tickets as soon as possible, so we can ensure all participants get the correct information and tools prior to the event. Any transfer of tickets 2 weeks from the event date, we cannot guarantee that the new participant will have personalized printed collateral to take home from the event.

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